Pink crochet

Published March 31, 2015 by sunmoonstars134


I am on the mend and feeling very upbeat today – I got a job offer yesterday for a really exciting role working with young people. My career has never reflected my passion before, so I took a chance with this role in the hope that the voluntary work I’ve done with young people would be enough experience, and it was 🙂

I’m not sure why it took me so many years to figure out that if there are paid jobs that reflect what you choose to do in your spare time, that’s probably going to be a winning combination! The start date is a few weeks away though, and I’m itching to get started, but if that’s my biggest problem today then I’m pretty much ok with that. 

Anyway, the main reason for posting was to share this amazing art project being planned by Amy as part of her degree, which aims to showcase the strength and individuality of women. Many more details can be found on Amy’s blog. I can totally get behind this, and so I have made my own vine – keep any eye out for it, Amy!

I also like it all curled up like this:

And here it is ready to be taken to the post office:

I love the thought of hundreds of these beauties being crafted across the world and making their way to someone with the creativity to really showcase the colours and styles of them. I can’t wait to see the pictures of the installation, I’m sure they will be stunning. 

To any crocheters or knitters out there – there is still time to make and send your own vine – there are patterns for knitted and crocheted vines on Amy’s blog, although she seems open to people having a play and coming up with their own pattern if you’re the creative type 🙂


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