Knitting and Crochet Blog Week: Day 1

Published May 11, 2015 by sunmoonstars134

Hello! It has been a while, I started my new job last week so it was a busy one! However, I’m back and in style this week – taking part in the 6th annual Knitting and Crochet Blog Week. 

So the topic for post 1 is as follows: 

Day One (Monday 11th May): If You Were Yarn.
If you were a type or brand of yarn, which would you be? Are you a classic pure wool? Is there extra tension but a bit of bounce in you because of your high twist? Would you be more like a high-maintainance, strictly hand-wash fluffy angora or a ‘bring it on’ acrylic, bravely heading into the world of possible baby-sick laundering disasters knowing that you will always come out bright and unharmed?

Spend some time browsing yarns and getting to know their qualities, and decide which yarn you think best matches your personality.

When asked what kind of yarn I would be, the first quandary I had was colour. 
I adore colour, the more the better, or at least that’s how I used to feel. While I still love to see different shades and tones mix with each other to make a wonderful mish mash, lately I have come around to the idea of just one or two colours taking centre stage. 
So I guess a year ago, I’d immediately have chosen to be a variegated yarn, partly to avoid the trauma of choosing just one colour, and partly because then each stitch, row and project would allow different colour combinations, resulting in some wonderful surprises!
These days, I wonder if a single colour might be less distracting, and allow a clearer view of the detail within the stitches. 
With that dilemma, I then have to decide on what TYPE of colour. So: brights are my go-to, they make my heart sing! But autumnal colours are what I tend to wear, as they suit my colouring more, and having finally come to terms with this a few years ago I started to experiment with these shades, and now really love them in their own right. 
I think trying to choose a single colour would be too difficult in brights. So if I chose variegated then I would go brights, but choosing just one colour I’d go for something warm and dark and cosy. 
As for texture… Well. The wording in the outline for this post actually talked mainly about the physical properties of the yarn, rather than the colour, which I honed in on. So taking aside the frivolities of colour, choosing my “consistency” was relatively easy, but it’s taken a while for me to get there!
I have lived with depression for a few years now, possibly longer. And when I faced up to that fact and realised that some parts of my lifestyle and my thought processes needed to change, I struggled. Rather than reading into things, making assumptions and ruminating, as had been my nature for years, I had to start being firm with myself and letting some things go, challenging my instincts and tried and tested thought patterns. I learned that “resilience” is a good quality in terms of mental health. And I wrongly assumed that to be resilient meant to be tough, hard, unyielding. 
It took some time, and meditation/mindfulness practice, and trial and error – to learn that my inherent “soft” side is not mutually exclusive to being resilient. That being forgiving, compassionate and loving (to others and myself) are all qualities that enable me to overcome tough situations, difficult conversations and days when my brain chemistry quite simply isn’t right. 
So, once again, my answer a year ago would probably be very different to now. Right now, I would say I am a hard-wearing yarn, wash-and-go. But a yarn that, with a little care (some fabric softener, if you will!) can be a delight and a comfort. Always with the ability to hold firm during the tougher times. 
Well! That was very interesting for me, perhaps less so for you… I hope I didn’t get too deep. I am aware that I haven’t answered the question… But with all my to-ing and fro-ing, I’m hardly surprised!
I am so excited to check out other responses to this topic by viewing the tag (6KXBWDAY1). If you aren’t taking part in this blog week, but have had a flash of inspiration as to what yarn you would be, feel free to comment – I’d love to hear from you!

One comment on “Knitting and Crochet Blog Week: Day 1

  • Great reflection. It’d be crazy to be the same yarn for our whole life as we change as people so much. But I like your take on being tough – it does mean so many things 🙂 I’m not physically strong but I reckon I’m pretty tough.

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