My latest project

Published April 24, 2015 by sunmoonstars134

Despite my previous post opening my eyes to the sheer number of WIPs I have (they keep cropping up, incidentally… I seem to have stashed them all over the flat for a healthy dose of shame wherever I go!) Anyway – despite this, you may have wondered what that lucious package at the end might be for…

Well this is for my first ever CAL, which I am starting a little late, but I decided this might hold my interest more… Being limited to a little at a time might appeal. In addition, I have some impetus to finish this as its for a particular person at a particular time. And I will deal with the other WIPs another time (by which I mean, I will metaphorically stick my fingers in my ears (and eyes!) and shout “LALALALALALA” and ignore them. Feel free to judge me.)

I have decided to make this blanket for my nan, who is perpetually cold (a trait I have inherited!) and is in ill health, and her quality of life is being affected by it. I really feel for her, she is of sound mind but cannot do much of what she would like. I see her a lot less than I used to now that I’ve moved up north, but I want her to know I still think of her. I am so looking forward to giving her this blanket for Christmas, with all of the squares up to November (giving me a month to finish… I hope that’s enough!)

The colours I have to admit I shamelessly stole from the lovely Betsy Makes as I adore her cushion in the same shades, and they will work nicely with my nan’s decor. 

I am using Stylecraft Special DK in Plum, Grape, Pale Rose, Cream, Silver and Grey. 

Stay tuned for the first batch of squares!


Support group, anyone?

Published April 13, 2015 by sunmoonstars134

I stumbled across this blog post recently, on the hilarious Laptop on the Ironing Board blog. Here, Kate very bravely shares her yarn problem.

I thought “ooh, doesn’t it look lovely all laid out like that. Maybe I should do the same… It’d be nice to see what I have, and I’ve been stash-busting for a while so it won’t be that bad”

So I did. Oh, readers, why did I do it?? I feel like a terrible human. I don’t know if I should share with you, but we are all friends, right? Ok.


Now, having emptied the suitcase onto the floor (suitcase… How could I have thought that was a sensible amount of yarn!) I was feeling very ashamed, but thought that while I was facing up to my issues, I should open the drawer. This is where projects go “to be finished later”. Now this drawer has been playing on my mind for a while – I’ve had a half-hearted sense that I should go and have a look and maybe finish off the one or two projects loitering in there.

I must say how proud I am of my capacity to delude myself. One or two. Hmmm.

This is bad. Very bad.

My sense of shame was increased by this little face. How judgemental is he looking?!

As I write, I wonder if there might be someone out there thinking, “that’s not so bad, don’t worry, you can work with that.” I like you. We could be friends. But you won’t be quite so tolerant of me when I show you what arrived this morning…

My name is Natalie, and I have a yarn problem.

Pink crochet

Published March 31, 2015 by sunmoonstars134


I am on the mend and feeling very upbeat today – I got a job offer yesterday for a really exciting role working with young people. My career has never reflected my passion before, so I took a chance with this role in the hope that the voluntary work I’ve done with young people would be enough experience, and it was 🙂

I’m not sure why it took me so many years to figure out that if there are paid jobs that reflect what you choose to do in your spare time, that’s probably going to be a winning combination! The start date is a few weeks away though, and I’m itching to get started, but if that’s my biggest problem today then I’m pretty much ok with that. 

Anyway, the main reason for posting was to share this amazing art project being planned by Amy as part of her degree, which aims to showcase the strength and individuality of women. Many more details can be found on Amy’s blog. I can totally get behind this, and so I have made my own vine – keep any eye out for it, Amy!

I also like it all curled up like this:

And here it is ready to be taken to the post office:

I love the thought of hundreds of these beauties being crafted across the world and making their way to someone with the creativity to really showcase the colours and styles of them. I can’t wait to see the pictures of the installation, I’m sure they will be stunning. 

To any crocheters or knitters out there – there is still time to make and send your own vine – there are patterns for knitted and crocheted vines on Amy’s blog, although she seems open to people having a play and coming up with their own pattern if you’re the creative type 🙂

A change of plans

Published March 22, 2015 by sunmoonstars134

A good friend is moving to the area, so our weekend plan was to help with the move, and mostly relax with crochet, cuddles with our bunny, blogging and a healthy dose of the rugby and football. 

But a nasty cold has put paid to all that. I always know things are bad when I can’t even bring myself to crochet…

So bed, book and moping for me today, for a second day. 

I hope to be back soon with a more cheery update, and I hope your weekend is progressing more merrily than mine!

The magpie in me

Published March 17, 2015 by sunmoonstars134

I’ve been mulling over the idea of starting a blog for a while.

Very early on in my musings, I was sitting on the sofa crocheting, when a magpie landed on the railing of our balcony. He made me smile, as I had recently moved to the city centre, and I was concerned that I wouldn’t get to see as much green and nature as I like to have.

The colours in his feathers were very lovely, and I enjoyed the thought that he would no doubt love a little look in my jewellery box, full of beautiful shiny things as it is! The fact that nothing matches in my flat has been commented upon many a time 😉 So somehow, all of this combined and “crochet magpie” just popped into my head and wouldn’t leave!

He visits fairly frequently, although I haven’t managed to snap a photo yet! But he is most definitely my mascot (even so, he won’t be getting a peek at my jewellery – it may be a myth that they pinch shiny things, but I’m not taking any chances!)


I’m settled in for a while now with a blanket I’m working on, so perhaps he’ll stop by for a photo-shoot 🙂

How did you decide on your blog name? I’d love to hear from you!

Hello world!

Published March 16, 2015 by sunmoonstars134

Well hello!

The suggested title for this, my first post, was “Hello world!”, and I decided to keep it because it put a smile on my face! I am not sure the world will be interested in seeing a glimpse into my colourful life, but perhaps a few of you will stop by and say hello, and that’s good enough for me 🙂

I am relatively new to blog-dom, I am a bit of a technophobe really, and so I would stumble across blogs from time to time but never know how to follow them or whatnot. But I took up crocheting around a year ago, and found some wonderful blogs on the topic, and knew that I could not leave it to chance that I would find them again, so I started getting alerts and things (technical term 😉 ).

I love the cosy atmosphere of the blog world. I love the fact that people can find each other and share interests and develop new ones. So I think I’d like to have a go at being a part of that. So here I am. And here you are.

Some of my favourite blogs are all about sharing the small, wonderful moments that might otherwise pass us by or be forgotten. For a while, I thought how lucky some bloggers were, that their lives were filled with beautiful things or moments – and then I realised that my life is too, and that it would be good for me to start to record these moments, and perhaps share them with others.

I shall sign off for now, and just pop in an image that makes me realise that this was a good idea already. This morning, I had a cup of tea. Nothing new there! But I took a photo, because it was a lovely moment, un-rushed, and cute and colourful.